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September 18: Leaving Mormonism

28 Aug

We will have a local student, Dustin Patzer, as our guest speaker.  Dustin will discuss his journey out of Mormonism and answer our questions.  For a preview, check out I am an ex Mormon.  Dustin served as a missionary before leaving the church.

The Mormon Church is formally called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS Church for short.

Brian Dalton of Mr. Deity fame, is also an ex-Mormon and he uses the term “Formon” = former Mormon.

Note: Attendees start gathering and visiting at 11:30 am. We begin the formal meeting (announcements then the presentation/discussion) at about 12:00 pm (after meal orders have been taken). You are not required to order any food or drink. If you do order something, please remember to tip the waitress because they have a lot to keep track of with our group and they work around our table arrangements and presentation equipment.  Also, we use the large side room at Venice House for free and they have been quite accommodating. We bring a sample of our library to the regular meetings and you are welcome to borrow something. If you have any specific requests, please contact our Secretary, Selene. We also take donations at every meeting and sometimes have items for purchase.