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Sep 16: Higher Power and Our Addictions

5 Aug

Venice House, September 16, 11:30AM – 2:00PM

Side room

Michele Ketzmerick, director, Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Centre, will be discussing the importance of providing inclusive support for people with problems related to substance use, as well as reasons why non-faith-based options are critical.

With the publicaton of her book this summer, “I Married an Atheist…Thank God,”  which includes a chapter entitled “Higher Power and Our Addictions,” she will also touch on some unexpected consequences that she experienced as a result of finally thinking critically about religion.

Michele is from Prince Albert and has worked in corrections and the substance abuse field for the past 17 years, currently as the Director of the Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Centre.  She also teaches classes in the Correctional Studies Program at SIAST, including the Addictions class that she developed 7 years ago.

Michele’s Addiction Treatment background was in facilitation, training, and program development with the Correctional Service of Canada. She has a Bachelor of Human Justice from the U of R. Michele recently published a book called “I Married an Atheist…Thank God,” outlining her transition from faith to reason.