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April 17th: Religion, Politics & the Election

10 Apr

Should atheists vote strategically in their own interests?  How would we do that?  Are there common issues for which atheists should seek out politicians’ stances?

The federal election is coming and we’re going to discuss what freethinker-related issues are important to us.  We’ll try to come up with a list of questions for candidates and decide whether we want to submit them for responses.

Here are a few resources to stir up your thinking:

Interview Your Political Candidates

Is Your Politician a Bigot?

Godless Atheists & Godless Politics

Atheists Should Vote Strategically and With Specific Goals

Atheism and Politics: an Atheist Ideology?

Politics and Atheist Organizations

Religious beliefs affect policy—so the leaders should talk about them“.

Demographics of atheism

The first several of these are from an American site, but the last few are from Canadian site — generally the issues are philosophical anyway.

Feel free to post links to other opinion pieces.FYI: There is a diveristy of political preferences in our group and this is not intended to be a partisan discussion.

September 19: Theo-Conservativism and the Canadian Religious Right

12 Sep
Location: Venice House

906 Central Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 2G8

Earlier this summer, Random House Canada published Marci MacDonald’s The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada, which documents the role of Conservative Christianity in Canadian politics, with special attention to PM Stephen Harper’s government. One of our members, Tim Thibault, was important as a research source for Marci MacDonald in putting this book together. At this meet up, we have invited Tim to give us the lowdown on the book and some of the back story to the research of the book.

It would be ideal if we could all read the book for this meet up, but if that is not possible, MacDonald has also published a similarly-themed article in the Walrus: “Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons”.

Also, Marci MacDonald was interviewed on CBC’s The Current, which you can hear here. Also check out the responses to this interview here.

At this meetup, we will also allow anyone who wants to participate to Stand Up Against Poverty. It is a worldwide call to make poverty history and to meet the Millennium Development Goals. We will read a statement, have eveyone who is willing stand up, take a picture, and report the numbers.