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October 16: Know your Rights! Constitutional Lawyer Dhugal Whitbread

10 Oct

This Sunday meet up will headline a talk by Dhugal Whitbread, a constitutional lawyer, on topics pertaining to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He will be giving us a brief history of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as a discussion of the Canadian version of Church-State separation, which has its basis in an old court case from Quebec.

Dhugal is also prepared to answer your questions so bring them on!

Things to Look At:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

CBC’s Know Your Rights radio program

CBC TV The Constitution and Charter re-evaluated (audio only)

Saskatoon Freethinkers is now part of CFI Canada!

3 Feb

After a lot of discussion, debate and email, Saskatoon Freethinkers has now become CFI Saskatoon, an integral part of the Centre for Inquiry (CFI) Canada network! If you are interested in donating to our group, you can now do so directly via the Support CFI link on their website. There is also a link on our sidebar. CFI is a not-for-profit charity, so any donations (other than membership) qualify for a tax rebate!

Also be sure to check out CFI Canada’s new Extraordinary Claims Canada-wide campaign, which we proudly support.